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We seek skilled individuals who are bent upon using their knowledge and passion to solve meaningful, large impact problems.

We want team players thirsty to find opportunities which excite them.

We are a young research-design team who collaborate across disciplines of design, science, engineering, and with civic organizations, educational institutions and government bodies. As a result, we value deeply collaborative, communicative and immensely self motivated professionals.


We want people thirsting to solve problems AND find the most pressing problems in urban-rural areas which require problem solving. We want folks who seek ownership of the problem solving process. 


Which means, you could be a graphic designer/architect/planner/engineer/anthropologist etc who loves solving large impact urban-rural problems, and this is the team looking for you. Your education, experience and most importantly your desire to make an impact is what we are looking for. 


To apply - 

Send us a (1) short note on a project you felt you have made an impact through, (2) A resume and 5 work samples you're immensely proud of (3) 2-3 references/recommendations from folks you have worked with or have learnt from (4) another short note on what drives you and how you'd love to use your skills to make the world a better place. 


We do read all applications, and if it clicks, you will hear back from us. 

For Internships email | info@designogc.com | with 'INTERN' in the subject

For Urban Designers, Researchers, Data Analysts, Architects etc email | info@designogc.com | with 'PRO' in the subject