Current Openings

Posting Date | July 2021

Position: Urban Designer

Location | Remote, India

DesignOGC (India) is seeking a motivated and talented Urban Designer (UD) to work in India. We seek individuals with at least 3 years of experience, who have a trained eye for in depth and quality research, elegant visuals and excellent attention to details. Experience in urban projects, landscape projects and architectural projects of social impact would be preferred. The successful and enthusiastic candidate will work with our design team on a variety of social impact projects and products. This is a full-time position. 

To Apply:

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Posting Date | March 2021

Volunteer Position

DesignOGC seeks users to participate in the testing of Tiggo - Our digital platform for transforming the Built Environment!

Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you with next steps!

Posting Date | July 2021

Position: Project Architect 

Location | Remote, preferably based out of Hyderabad/Chennai, India

DesignOGC, India is seeking a full time, motivated, experienced and dedicated Project Architect to take a lead on a residential project, overseeing development from start to finish. The successful candidate should have extensive experience designing residential buildings to a high standard and then overseeing the realization of their creation. We are seeking someone who can work closely with us but also think creatively and under their own initiative to find solutions to problems as they arise. We seek individuals who have an eye for in depth and quality design methodologies, elegant visuals and excellent attention to details. The successful and enthusiastic candidate will work with our design team on a variety of social impact projects and products.


  1. 4-7 years of relevant work experience in Residential Architecture as Project Architect 

  2. Bachelors or Masters degree in Architecture 

  3. Licensed in India

  4. Thorough understanding of planning/building regulations, processes and cost estimation 

  5. Sound understanding of structural design

  6. Meticulous attention to detail

  7. Excellent written and oral communication skills

  8. Excellent written and spoken English

  9. Proven track record in managing projects and teams

  10. Ability to work collaboratively 

  11. Ready to lead by example

  12. Experience of sourcing good quality building materials at competitive prices

  13. Experience of working with multiple sub-contractors (wood work, mud work, stone work etc) 

  14. Software requirements | Autocad, Revit, 3d modelling softwares, Adobe Suite



Industry commensurate remuneration with additional weightage to experience and portfolio of work


  1. Assist in the development of on-going and new projects

  2. Design of a family home both internal and external

  3. Provision of a design that is both functional and achievable

  4. Preparation and review of the relevant plans/drawings

  5. Responding to queries and making amendments as required

  6. Ensuring all necessary planning or building requirements are applied for and obtained

  7. Ensuring the scheme is compliant with all relevant building standards/regulations

  8. Overseeing building contractors at a management level to ensure that all is completed as per the plans and to a very high standard and that the correct materials are appropriately sourced

  9. Site management – including being physically present on site to monitor progress for the duration of the project

  10. Conducting Quality Control Reviews

  11. Ensuring that the project is delivered on time and on budget

  12. Project management from start to finish

  13. Other duties as reasonably requested/required

  14. Person Specification

  15. Maintains confidentiality

  16. Be self motivated and accountable during remote working sessions

To Apply:

  • 1 required cover letter, 1 resume, 3 professional references

  • Portfolios and work samples in a PDF format preferably. 

  • Please specify your level of comfort with each software that you are currently working with

  • Please send all details as a package to  (File sizes should be limited to 5MB)