Big Ideas, Small Lots


Big Ideas for Small Lots NYC is a design competition to find housing solutions for unused, vacant small lots in New York City, and to explore their potential to contribute to citywide affordable housing options. Our proposal was an adaptable, scalable & affordable housing solution which brings together the best of private space with the benefits of communal living. Intended in particular for the may-in-need users the City has a responsibility to the house. The project is an attempt to utilize the vacant and underutilized City-owned land to create more affordable housing in the city of New York

International Design Competition I Collaborative effort : TripleO Studio



The neighborhood studies revealed the presence of  historically and culturally rich community battling critical issues of poverty, lack of access to healthy food markets and consequent creation of food desert and obesity 


Poverty rates within neighborhood demanded the need for a variety of unit sizes which can cater to the smallest or single-family units. The design caters to this need by providing more shared facilities and units which can be priced more affordable.


Through design, there is increased access to fresh food produce by urban farming and envisage occupants as active users of the farming areas forming the communal space. 


The building design is geared towards empowering inhabitants and thus community- through (a) increased access to fresh produce by organic inclusion of urban farming within the building and (b) encouraging occupants as active users of the community space, where amenities such as outdoor-indoor living, co-working, dining and farming spaces are organically infused along the routine circulation spaces. 

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